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  1. Thang

From the recording Thang



© 2010 Brad Belt

No politicker
Just a dirt clod kicker
And a banjo picker
Doin' his thang

An old mountain song
‘Bout a love gone wrong
Ya gotta sing along
When he does his thang

Chorus: Do it here, do it there
Do your thang everywhere
Turn it loose, let it fly
Round the world by-and-by

She was eighty-three
Wearin' dungarees
Slappin' her knees
Doin' her thang

Lived her life
A poor man's wife
Made the sacrifice
Jus doin' her thang


Bridge Old folks a tell ya
Not much matters
‘Cept knowin who you are
And a doin' your thang

Wanna do your part
Open up your heart
To a brand new start
And find your thang

Gotta take a stand
Lend a helpin' hand
To your fellowman
Jus do your thang