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  1. Poor Boy Blues

From the recording Poor Boy Blues


Poor Boy Blues

© 2006 Brad Belt

Found her dead down by the tracks
Somebody’d had der way
She’s all he had ol Shadrack
Somebody took her away

Rumor had her wit Earl dat night
And day wuz drinkin down by the tracks
Shadrack put Earl in da grave
And he ain’t comin’ back

Chorus: Extra, extra have you heard the news
He’s layin down dem poor boy blues
Layin down dem poor boy blues
Yeah, layin down dem poor boy blues

Now Shadrack’s sittin’ in the calaboose
Jus a hummin’ an ol sad song
A waitin’ for da hangman to come
He a comin down to take him home

Day buildin’ dat scaffold good and strong
Cuz Shadrack’s a real big man
Thirteen loops and a four-foot slack
Twenty four steps to the Promised Land


He put the noose ‘round Shadrack’s neck
Said you gotta pay for what you done
Any last words, ya better say em now
Cause I’m sendin’ you to kingdom come

I’m not ashamed of what I done
His last words hung in the air
The hangman kicked that board real hard
As he fell everybody stared