Minerva Oil Annual Company Picnic

© 2010 Brad Belt

Just a tow-headed country boy in southern Illinois
Dirty feet, runny nose and a mouth full of noise
Brothers three, Bill, Gary and me
Mom did her best, we didn't make it easy
We were dirt poor but it didn’t mean that much
Cause everybody we knew were just like us
I had a dog named Shep, a cat named Tiger
And I was slayin’ dragonflies with the ol’ Red Ryder
When a man from Minerva came by that day
Dad took a job and we were on our way
Me and my brothers hadn't put it all together
Til' mom started dressin us up for the get together

Chorus: The Minerva Oil Annual Company Picnic
Me and my brothers and a couple of sidekicks
Dressed in our best line-dried overalls
Decorated in green from the free-for-alls
We were pirates and Indians running wild and free
What a time we had at the MOACP

Cave-In-Rock state park overlooks the Ohio
Minerva conjured up a little Cinco de Mayo
There were rocks and bluffs and Davy Crockett trails
Sunburned faces, cowlicks and pony tails
There were swings, see-saws and a merry-go-round
And a very very very cool Indian mound
There was even a store chucked full of great stuff
Balsa planes, pea shooters and plastic hand cuffs
They had dream sickles, moon pies and a Nehi sodas
All it took was a little payola hey mom
There were contests for parents and kids alike
Apple bobbing and pie eating, hands behind the back
Bridge When I’m 80 years old, lookin’ back in time
At favorite memories, not a doubt in my mind
One’ll stand out among all the rest
When I met my wife, that’ll be the best
Was at the 3rd annual picnic when I met Susie
So pure and sweet, Susie was a doosey
She made my tummy feel all funny inside
My thoughts were scrambled, my tongue was tied
My brothers were teasing me but I couldn't hear'em
I was in a state of bliss, a love-sick delerium
She laughed and talked, I hung on every word
They were the sweetest sounds I had ever heard
Love at first sight, some say is an illusion
But Susie and me made our on conclusion
Can’t wait to tell the grandkids sittin’ on my knee
How I met their grandma at the MOACP