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  1. Cold, Cold Ground

From the recording Cold, Cold Ground


Cold, Cold Ground

© 2011 Brad Belt

Innocence bled across the page
And we saw tears turn into rage
Through the Halls the demons came
Caesar's ghosts they have no name

We were advised to disregard
His lonely voice in the dark
But fell his blanket across the land
For evermore love will remain

Chorus: Let the King lay down his crown
Let the tethered be unbound
But the rain came pourin' down
And he was laid in the cold, cold ground
And he was laid in the cold, cold ground

A woeful wind that blew from Nam
Hide your son from Uncle Sam
He say please give peace a chance
And mothers all began to dance

We are as one he decried
We share the bed on which we lie
Quiet the wind, calm the sea
He say love is all you need


Imagine a world if you can
One large brotherhood of man
Every man, woman, child
Hopes and fears, reconciled

Chorus2 And the Kings lay down their crowns
And the tethered are all unbound
And the sun comes shinin' down
Making warm the cold, cold ground
Making warm the cold, cold ground