From the recording Ballad of Logan Belt


Ballad of Logan Belt

(c) 2011 Brad Belt

Calvin said to John, "Let's go this a-way,
We'll take a shortcut through Belt's orchard and save a little day."
Young Logan stood before them, said, "Go back the way you came."
Young Calvin talked before he thought said, "You're standin’ in my way."
Hey, Logan did you put
An axe in Calvin's head
Hey, Logan did you swing
That axe against his head
Tho it seemed unlikely, young Calvin managed to live
Fearful minds decided maybe better to forgive
Eyes would turn the other way when he’d come around
Young Logan let it be known, no challenge would be out-lived
Hey Logan is that you
In the middle of the night
Hey Logan is that you
Lookin' for a fight
"Yes, I got knucks," Elisha said, "and I'm a bad one to use'em"
When he charged, Logan pulled his gun and shot’em in his chest
The foreman said "guilty" the judge brought the hammer down
“Logan Belt I sentence you 15 years in Joliet.”
Ol Log they saw you shoot
Doc Oldham in the chest
I guess they didn’t believe
It was self-defense
The governor gave the pardon by petition he was swayed
But six long years in prison will set a man in his ways
Like his brother Jonathan, he’d tried to hide behind the cloth
But even the Good Book couldn't smolder Hell's fiery blaze
Hey Logan did you preach
‘Bout a Heaven in the sky
Hey Logan did you preach
An eye for an eye
Luke Hambrink knew too much to ever stay alive
His wife left his bed fearing for her life
Even the Oldhams didn’t mind to see ol Luke dead
Not a soul there to help, the night Luke Hambrink died
Hey, Logan did you put
That bullet in his chest
Hey, Logan did you lay
Luke Hambrink to rest
"Dead men tell no tales," Log was heard to say
Witnesses went a missin’ or up and moved away
The Regulators rode at night spreading fear all around
Self-righteous men, dressed in white, Hardin county KKK
Hey, Logan is that you
In that robe of white
Hey, Logan is that you
A ridin' in the night
"He'd had a premonition," said his 2nd wife
Somebody on that day was gonna take his life
Had the reins a whippin', his horse a runnin’ hard
Went ridin’ through the gates of Hell a bullet between his eyes
Hey Logan did you see
The man who shot you dead
Did you see Bill Quillen's face
'Fore the bullet hit your head
Mornings came, roosters crowed, and word quickly spread
Bold Print in the Independent, LOGAN BELT IS DEAD
Everybody knew only one man likely made that shot
Turns out a new team of mules had hauled him away
Sure does seem you got packed mighty fast that day
Guess you forgot to tell anybody that you were goin' away
A lotta people talkin' maybe Logan's death was planned
Some people sayin' they'd like to shake your hand
Bill Quillen why’d you leave
Why’d you go away
Why won’t you tell
What you did that day
Bill Quillen did you put
A bead on Logan’s head
Hey, Quillen did you put
A bullet through his head