From the recording Standing on the Mountain


Standing On The Mountain

© 2014 Brad Belt

Standing on the mountain
High above the trees
I feel but solitude
In the majesty

Solitude in knowing
Time has no end
And there is no purpose
Worthy to defend

Chorus: Such an aching in my soul
Such a gaping hole
So hard to behold
So much uncontrolled

On the shoulders of giants
He saw farther than the rest
His laws were comprehensive
Standing to the tests

But his eyes couldn't see
farther up, farther down
His laws obsolesced
They took away his crown

Each answer to a question
Bring questions two-fold
And the story leaks anew
Each time it is retold

The prophet on the corner
Puts his message in a song
Another in the pulpit
They all get it wrong

Nothing last forever
Yet nothing is ever lost
Timeless transformation
Onerous the cost

Entropy bears down
Like a charging bear
'Til there's no fruit to eat
And nothing left to wear