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  1. In the Night

From the recording In the Night



© 1990 Brad Belt

On the soil from whence I came I lay sleepin’ in the day
Deathly dreams of another world, another time, far away
When the sun was warm on my face and love was as real as life
There was a girl with ivory skin and hair as black as the night

But my love and my dream, they’re just fading memories
Her embrace in the night left a pain never-ending
And with the sixth chime I awake and from my casket I rise
And a rodent with crooked wings from my window enters the night

Bridge: There’s a fire in the blood, there’s a fire in the soul
A ragin’ desire burning out of control
To taste the wine before the sun from a sweet virgin’s skin
To satisfy for the night a thirst that never ends.
Cause, in the night, better bear your cross
Cause, in the night, a soul is lost

The Prince of darkness is in the mist, ever on patrol
With eyes that love the darkness lookin’ for a lost soul
You hear the screams in the night, it’s gonna chill your spine
Gonna put my mark on you woman, gonna make you mine