From the recording In the Name of Love


In The Name Of Love

© 2015 Brad Belt

We were jousters mounted
Jumping at the start
We covered our heads
And aimed for the heart
Our steeds were sturdy
Our deeds embraced
Our creeds unwavering
Unswerving we raced
Just like two missiles
With a target shared
Intending deathblows
With nothing spared

Chorus In the name of love
All reserve abandoned
I covered your head
With my blanket
I pierced your heart
I drank the blood
I took us down
Yeah, I took us down
In the name of love

Was a puffed-up prodigy
Of cocksure prowess
The future well-framed
Imaginary heights
Easy to transcend
Bigger than myself
Mightier than the wind
But blowin' be damned
I swagger no more
Vainglory exposed
Dead on the floor

Standing in the heap
Of calcified dreams
Of plans ill-conceived
And self-serving schemes
All that will be
Is all that was
A woman is nothing
But what she does
Now the days fall
Like autumn leaves
Forsaken by branches
No longer needed