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  1. House of Stones

From the recording House of Stones


House Of Stones

© 2015 Brad Belt

A house of love
Is built of stones
Carefully chosen
Skillfully honed
From daily journeys
Each unearthed
Tokens of travels
And lessons of worth
Anchored on rock
Forever bound
Walls of knowledge
Won't come down
And a roof that likes
A starry light
And shelters slumber
Through the night
Windows showing
Unclouded views
Of things old
Of things new
And doors that open
Doors that close
For Alohas
And Adios
A house that lasts
Through the years
Built on laughter
Not on tears
And built with kindness
Built with care
Built to weather
Years of wear
And the mortar
Binding it together
Is but love
For one another
So build your house
Build your home
Build with love
Build with stones