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  1. Fall

From the recording Fall



© 2015 Brad Belt

Oh the dream
You so depend
But then it turns into
A false-colored friend
Who laughs and laughs
At your gullible ways
And leaves you naked
In the fiery blaze
Fall away from the dream
And leave the morrows blind
Life is now, today
So fall, fall away

Fall on your lover
On her tender ways
Fall on her warmth
On a winter's day
Fall on her candor
Fall on her fruit
Fall on her charms
And her love for you

Oh the promise
So easy to make
But such a tangle
When you have to break
So hard to turn off
The voice in your head
No silence to find
No sleep in your bed
Take away the promise
And the hook in your heart
Life is now, today
So fall, fall away

In her loving arms
You will surely find
The waters will calm
The knots will unwind