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  1. Dingalings

From the recording Dingalings



© Brad Belt 2010

There's a lotta things
behind closed doors
Some devious brains
'N undeclared wars

The bright colored pills
Carefully cooked
Not to cure your ills
Just leave you hooked
Take another look
Grab your pocketbook
Or your goose is cooked

Chorus: There's a lotta things
Just outa sight
The dingalings
Just might be right

There's a lotta things
That don't make sense
Propaganda kings
'N their feigned pretense

They say "lend me your ear
'N give me a chance
Let me entertain ya
With a song and dance"
The well-rehearsed rants
Put you in a trance
Make you take a stance

Bridge: Doctors of spin
Dispensers of fear
They dangle their lies
'N throw their spears
They look like you
'N they look like me
And the dingalings
Want to break their knees

There's a lotta times
It's hard to believe
That the water's fine
'N nothing's up your sleeve

When you say the path
To salvation is straight
To escape His wrath
And insure your fate
And lighten your weight, sir
I'm passing the plate, son
Would you please donate, boy