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  1. Are You Okay

From the recording Are You Okay


Are You Okay

© 2000 Brad Belt

Jane was eight years old and I was nine
I told her I would love her for all time
She said "That's okay, but I'm in love with Jim."

I said "You oughta think twice 'bout that Jim
'Cause I can love you more than him."
She said "That's okay, I'm still in love with Jim."

At the senior prom I was standin' all alone
Watchin' Jane and Jim on that big dance floor
When Betty Sue said "How are you"

"I think what you need is to dance with me"
She said and she smiled so tenderly
I said "I guess I will. Yeah, I guess I will"

Refrain "Are you okay?
Are you okay?"
I said "Yeah"

Three years later I was on my knees
Askin' Betty Sue "Would you marry me?"
She said, "You know I will" What a thrill

It was later that same day
I met Jane down at the Milky Way
She said "How ya' doin'?" I said "I'm doin' fine"

She said "Lately I've been thinkin' about you
I guess you heard, me and Jim are through,
Do you remember when? Way back then?"

I said "I remember ever word I said
Seems like it was only yesterday,
But things have changed. I don't feel the same.
Yeah, things have changed, I don't feel the same."

Refrain "Are you okay?
Are you okay?"
She said "Yeah"