Brief Bio: Characterization: - Southern Illinois born and bred - retired educator - songwriter, composer, singer, studio musician and engineer (Mad Mama Studio) - eternal optimist Self-produced Albums: - GOLF IS A CUSSIN’ GAME (10 insane, irreverent, wacky and wonderful golf songs) - LONG TIME DEAD (13 songs: contemporary folk, reflective contemplative) - MOVIN ON (13 songs: down-home Americana, traveling motif) - PAINTED EYES (13 songs: light rock/retro rock/pop/spiritual songs about life and love - SOME STORIES NEED TELLIN' (16 folk songs: mostly ballads about life's struggles including hanging a black man, abortion, war, retribution, grief, fashion, spirituality and politics - STONES (15 songs: folk/rock Thoughtful, provocative, colorful, edgy lyrics delivered with no-holds-barred rangy vocals and folk/rock, guitar infused rhythm tracks Other projects containing music by Brad: - STRIKE THE TENT (name later changed to THE LAST CONFEDERATE): Civil War film (one of the songs for this movie, Candle, was awarded Movie Soundtrack Song of the Year at the 2006 Los Angeles Music Awards Show. Candle was co-written with Gwendolyn Edwards.) - TALKING TO THE MAN IN THE MOON (Buddy Lewis) at Ozark Records - REFLECTIONS (Carl Sanders) produced by Ted Stice at Outback Records - PICTURE PERFECT MEMORIES (Tony Phipps) produced by Brad Belt at Mad Mama Music - DOG AND CAT (Dan Marsh) produced by Brad Belt at Mad Mama Music - ACOUSTIC DOG (compilation) produced by Jeff Lisk at Pachanga Records - RIDE THE TRAIN (compilation) (Vol. 14) produced by John Newbraugh at NBT Records - RIDE THE TRAIN (compilation) (Vol. 15) produced by John Newbraugh at NBT Records Publishing Company Affiliations: Brandon Hills Music (BMI), LLC Piano Press Solar Filmworks Simonserves Publishing Bull Shoals Music—BMI Newbraugh Brothers Music—BMI Woodrich Publishing Company (BMI) Outback Music Publishing Influences: John Prine, Steve Earle, John Fogerty, Ray Charles, Don Henley, Tom Petty Genres: Contemporary Folk, Americana, Comedy, Country, Bluegrass, Blues, R&B, Adult Alternative, AAA, Pop, Classic/Retro Rock, Folk, Light Rock, Spiritual, Political, New Age