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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Grandpa Was My Friend

Down By The Levee

N-word Song

The Singer

(Brad Belt)
March 7, 2012
Brad Belt and Dan Marsh

Creme and Sugar


Painted Eyes

Someone Is Sorry (pop/r&b)

Baby Come See Me Tonight (light rock/adult alternative)

Painted Eyes (rock/folk/adult alternative)

Just To Be With You (rock)

Nothing Like A Sad Song (rock/pop)

Some Days (Are Meant For Flyin') (classic-retro rock)

Want For Nothing (adult alternative/americana/pop)

Hypnotized (light rock/pop)

Only Me (pop/country/AAA)

I Wonder Where You Are Tonight (pop)

I Believe In You (pop/film)

A Better State Of Grace (spiritual/christian rock)

Another Place, Another Time (New Age/pop/adult alternative)


Amtrak 99 (bluegrass/country/folk)

Headed To Nashville (americana/country/folk)

(Brad Belt)

Take Me Back Home (classic country)

Driving You Out Of My Mind (uptempo country)

Truckin Life (americana/country/adult alternative)

Most Folks Called Him Charley (country ballad)

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