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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

A Soldier's Lament

(Brad Belt)
March 7, 2012
Brad Belt and Tony Phipps
A Soldier’s Lament

© 2007 Brad Belt & Tony Phipps

New blood comin’ in
Be a lotta talk goin’ down
But then the quiet sets in
And loneliness comes around
Try not to think too much
Don’t pay to go inside
Or let the mind wander off
Stay alert to stay alive

Chorus: Look in all directions
Take it day by day
Gotta stand my ground
Whatever comes my way
Times are hard
‘N hard times stand still
To be all that I can be
Hard to know what to feel

As you look around
No time to shed a tear
Eyes are trained upon you
You can only trust your fear
I hate the taste of sand
And this dirty smell of oil
And climbin’ through the rubble
Search and destroy


Bridge: Hope there’s a letter for me today
Love to hear what they have to say
I’m so tired of bein’ alone
So far from my home

By the grace of God
I’ll make it through today
So many friends
Carried away
Thru the smoke it’s hard to see
What’s right and what’s wrong
But one thing’s for sure
I’ve been here too long