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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Joseph and Mary

(Brad Belt)
March 7, 2012
Brad Belt
Joseph and Mary

© 2004 Brad Belt

I thought she was the prettiest girl that I’d ever seen
She’d just moved into town and not too far from me
Her daddy was the new preacher for the Church of a Christian Nation
That summer I became a member of the congregation

Her given name was Mary in honor of the Virgin
She was a senior and I was a freshman
Way too young to have a clue about what it all could mean
But when her daddy wasn’t looking, she’d lay a smile on me

Her daddy would always say when I’d come around,
“May as well adopt him” but he’d say it with a frown
At night he’d practice sermons in his upstairs room
I would sit and listen as Mary sang the blues

One night she pulled me close as tears came falling down
She said, “Something to remember me” as she opened up her blouse
That night I became a man in the arms of the one I loved
And the sound of fire and brimstone came down from up above

As the sermon drew to a close she pulled me to her breasts
Kissed me hard on the lips and then she softly said,
“Joseph you’re a good boy and I know you love me so
But there’s something I just gotta do and to do it I must go”

Sometime before the dawn she quietly slipped away
The Church of a Christian Nation lost a soul that day
Where she is and why she left no one will ever know
Except for this lost and lonely broken-hearted boy

In the backseat of a Greyhound a prayer was softly said
For the one she carried deep inside with a bounty on its head
Seven hundred dollars was the going price they say
But a careless slip of an untrained hand took a heavy toll that day

Sworn to a secret I’ll carry to my grave
The father he will never know of the child he lost that day
Just outside of Memphis there’s a grave without a name
I lay a rose for each of you this cold November day