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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Hardest Thing

(Brad Belt)
April 22, 2016
Brad Belt and Wendy Edwards
Hardest Thing

© 2007 Brad Belt & Gwendolyn Edwards

Drop the quarter, make a break
Admit it is a big mistake
Ah, come on, what's the trouble
Why the bother, what's to miss
Just a touch, a smile, a kiss
I don't belong in your world

Chorus: But leaving you is the hardest thing I never did
So many times in my mind I wanted to be free
Free from you, free from love
Free from this crazy thing, I can't explain
But, leaving you is the hardest thing I never did

All this love, what a mess
Self-inflicted emotional distress
I won't deny, it's a head case
Insecure, what's the deal
Can't handle the way I feel
Upended, suspended in your space

Bridge: I'm in a tunnel looking back at my dreams
They'll disappear in thin air if I stay on this train