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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Monkey Charms

(Brad Belt)
March 7, 2012
Brad Belt
Monkey Charms

© 2005 Brad Belt

Uptown downtown
Flyin’ all around
Like a gad fly
Buzzin' by "Was that Versace?"
Her, I could tell
Faberge smell
Fogs the air like
Debbonair mariachy
Play them belles, pull 'em in
Lay them spells, pull 'em in
Ain't she swell
I say, ain't she swell

Chorus: In the in-crowd
Make daddy proud
Using monkey charms
Sweet little thing
Don't need no ring
To settle in your arms

Silver spoon slammin' down
Make a high pitch sound
Comin' all undone
Like a hit and run
"Don't call my Dad."
Wasn't her fault
Said the Gestalt
Video camera
Everybody slammin' her
Damn her, all unclad
Lay it out, pull 'em in
Jump and shout, pull 'em in
Ain’t she swell
I say, Ain’t she swell?