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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Stop The Noise

(Brad Belt)
March 7, 2012
Brad Belt
Stop The Noise

© 2010 Brad Belt

Comes a time when all the tryin'
Grinds you to the bone
You realize with cloudy eyes
You've left yourself alone

Try to find in my mind
A place to call my own
So far away was yesterday
The stones have all been thrown

Prechorus The puppeteer has gone mad
His strings are all confused
His hands refuse to work
His voice is badly bruised

Chorus: Stop the noise, crush the toys
The children they are crying
Done all I could, but they're just wood
They have no fear of dying
Stop the noise

Take me down in the old town
The place where it all started
Lay my head in your lap
Let me dream of things uncharted

Feel the warmth of your love
The silence of your being
Let the waves from your heart
Wash away the self-deceiving

Bridge: Take me in, let me stay
Bring me back to yesterday